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For any small business, turning your vehicle into a moving billboard is the most cost-effective form of advertising possible. Your message will have a captive audience of thousands of drivers every month. You will even find yourself talking to people in school and store parking lots, who want to know more about the products and services you offer.

Add a PR logo to any type of custom sign design...

We offer both the classic and the newer PR logo style. The classic standard is all Pink. The newer style is Silver & Pink, but since silver does not read as well on tinted auto glass, we offer an alternative 2-color logo in White & Pink. Also, any 1-color logo can be changed to one of our 20 vinyl colors in the Design Center.

Click any rear window image below to load that layout, so you can change the contact information, colors, size, or any other element of the sign (including the logo style), and then put it in your Shopping Cart. You can also add additional lines of text to any layout.

Get some PR Pink Hearts, and put them anywhere you like...

Click any gray button below for the heart size you want, from 1 inch to 22 inches tall. Be sure to measure where these will go! You can increase any Quantity in the Shopping Cart, or order just one or two, for your side windows.

More Sizes/Colors

Get 50 to 60 small hearts, all on one sheet. No application film needed for these sizes, just peal and stick... or use a tweezers to grab the tiny 1/4" hearts, and stick them on your fingernails! You get ALL the following sizes & quantities...

2" wide -- 6 Hearts
1.5" wide -- 5 Hearts
1" wide -- 8 Hearts
3/4" wide -- 6 Hearts
1/2" wide -- 5 Hearts
1/4" wide -- 25 to 30 Hearts

NOTE: The smallest 1/4" size are hard to manufacture, so a few on each sheet may not "make the cut" but we guarantee you'll get at least 25... and maybe even all 30!

Heart Color:  
Single 5" x 8.5" Sheet
(55+ Hearts) $14.95

Save $5! Order a Double!
(105+ Hearts) $24.90

Click either side window to add your name & any other contact information. NOTE: For all PR images, including silver & pink, or 1-color logos in your choice of 20 vinyl colors (to contrast well with car bodies), please see our Image Library.

Modify sample designs created by other Team Members...

Important Notes:  Previous orders are shown below, to help you get started. Besides adding up to 6 lines, you can change ANY part of it, including the Text Height & Alignment of each line, the Fonts, Colors & Text Icons, as well as the TYPE OF SIGN (decal, magnet, etc.) and OVERALL SIZE of your sign.

As you Preview your changes, keep an eye on the new price & overall size. (Be sure to measure the area of your vehicle that you want to cover.)

Click on any image below to load that layout into our Design Center.To add or change a logo, use one of the 4 Edge Image boxes on that page to enter an Image Number, shown with the logos at the top of this page. (You can also add ANY image from our Image Library of over 14000 cut-vinyl graphics.)

You can also choose to have your finished design posted here for free. At, we promote your business on the real highways AND on the "Info Superhighway!" If you don't already have your very own business, please feel free to contact one of the representatives in your area listed below.

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(Height x Width)

Magnetic Sign 9.8'' x 31.4'' $ 44.90 Orlando FL

Vinyl Decal 12.4'' x 41.5'' $ 52.80 Nitro WV

Vinyl Decal 2.6'' x 10.9'' $ 13.90 Grovetown GA

Vinyl Decal 14.4'' x 28.9'' $ 41.10 Quantico VA

Vinyl Decal 14.4'' x 28.9'' $ 41.10 Thurmont MD

Vinyl Decal 5.3'' x 21.2'' $ 14.70 Chester CA

Vinyl Decal 12.4'' x 30.9'' $ 38.70 Chester CA

Magnetic Sign 8.9'' x 24.2'' $ 35.80 New Bern NC

Magnetic Sign 9.8'' x 31.4'' $ 44.90 Orlando FL

Vinyl Decal 12.2'' x 45'' $ 50.30 Lexington SC

Vinyl Decal 12.7'' x 41.4'' $ 48.70 Fort Wayne IN

Vinyl Decal 12.1'' x 31.9'' $ 39.00 Wenatchee WA

Vinyl Decal 12'' x 43.7'' $ 43.60 Yorktown VA

Vinyl Decal 10.1'' x 31.6'' $ 34.30 Fort Collins CO

Vinyl Decal 9.6'' x 33'' $ 34.10 Hampton VA

Vinyl Decal 13.8'' x 44.7'' $ 60.00 Dowell IL

Vinyl Decal 11.9'' x 28.9'' $ 36.10 Mary Esther FL

Vinyl Decal 11'' x 32.1'' $ 31.60 Mead CO

Vinyl Decal 16'' x 44.1'' $ 55.00 Fredericksburg VA

Vinyl Decal 13'' x 40.3'' $ 43.60 Fredericksburg VA

Vinyl Decal 10.1'' x 31.9'' $ 34.50 El Dorado KS

Magnetic Sign 8.3'' x 25.5'' $ 35.30 Tamarac FL

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