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NOTE :   Some displayed images have jagged edges, but your cut-vinyl image will have SMOOTH edges.

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Size & Price: Always measure the area you want to cover first. Simple shapes can be cut tiny, but others must be cut larger. The smallest size, in inches, is shown first. Image Color: The black becomes the vinyl color you pick. Pick lighter colors for tinted glass. (NOTE: This menu is locked for Multi-Color Logos, and $5 is added.) Background: Leave this set to "NONE" if you want to mount image "decal style" directly onto its intended surface. Or, see other options and prices below. Orientation: Order your image "As Is" or as a "Mirror" image. (Flipped horizontally.) Idea: Order one of each, for both sides, then put vinyl lettering in the middle!

Background choices...

Vinyl Decal: Price As Shown
Adhesive - backed, cut vinyl image attaches directly to any smooth surface. No background material. (Select "NONE" for background.)
Adhesive Sticker: Price + 10%
Vinyl image attached to contour-cut, colored adhesive vinyl background. If used on glass, pick light colors, to avoid heat warping background.
Static Cling: Price + 20%
Vinyl image attached to contour-cut, clear static cling background. If put on inside glass, seen from outside, then "Mirror" image when ordering.
Magnet: Price + 40%
Vinyl image attached to rectangular magnetic background, with rounded corners. Sticks to any smooth metal surface. Six background colors.

PRICE BUSTERS !!!  FREE U.S./Canada 1st Class Shipping on orders over $25.   PLUS:  No Decal over $50, no Sticker over $55, no Cling over $60, and no Magnet over $70, even up to 6x2 feet!  WOW !!!  (Text Icons & multi-color text, just a little bit extra.)

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