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•  Reuse & Removal Tips

Magnetic Signs & Yellow Ribbons: Make sure the area of your car where you want to place the magnet is fairly flat or only a mild curve, and that the ENTIRE SURFACE is metal. If some areas are plastic or fiberglass, gaps may form, allowing wind to get under your sign and pull it off. (To test for metal, use a refrigerator magnet on your vehicle.) Also, automobile paint takes a long time to "cure" and harden, so wait to use magnetic signs on cars that have been painted in the past 90 days, had "Clear Coat" applied in the past 60 days, or been waxed in the past 2 days.

Prep & Install: Always make sure the surface of the vehicle, as well as the back of the magnet is clean and free of residue. It's always better to "drop" the magnet on the metal surface where you wanted, rather that placing it arbitrarily and then dragging it across your painted surface.

Care: It's important to REMOVE YOUR MAGNET once a week, and anytime after it rains, to clean it and the car's surface. Otherwise, specks of dirt can eventually work their way under the magnetic material and irritate your car's painted surface. Remove your magnet when your car is being washed, and make sure both surfaces are complete dry before re-attaching it.

Life-Span: Magnetic sign should last up to 5 years without fading, because the lettering is 100% vinyl. When storing, try to lay it flat. If you have to roll it up, make sure there are no creases, and don't put folds in it.

Window Static Clings: We call these window clings, because that is what they are mostly used for, although other extremely smooth and fairly flat surfaces can sometimes also work. Of course, reversed lettering clings must be used under a transparent surface, such as glass.

Prep & Install: : First, be sure the glass is clean and free of residue. (Rubbing alcohol works well.) Then, simply remove the white paper backing and position the clear film where you want it. The cut-vinyl decal will be on top of the clear film, away from the glass. Although you can reposition a static cling sign, in time the static charge will weaken. For large signs, using a horizontal piece of masking tape just below where you want to mount your cling will help you position it level and centered on the first try.

It's inevitable that some bubbles will form under the clear cling material. To remove trapped bubbles, place the shiny side of the paper over the sign to prevent scratching the film or vinyl, and using a hard-edged plastic (not rubber) squeegee (a credit card will do), work the bubbles out to the edges. Some bubbles will disappear after a few days, and others can be removed by pricking them with a needle.


        Interior Clings - A mild spray of soapy water is all that's needed, but because this type of sign is inside the car, it may not need any cleaning at all.

        Exterior Clings - You cannot use your rear wiper with these signs, unless they placed away from the path of the wiper. For cleaning, a mild spray of soapy water is all that's needed. Since your clings have raised cut-vinyl shapes, blotting away water rather than rubbing back and forth will extend the life of the colored vinyl. You can hand-wash your car with the clings on. Also, the newer "brushless" mechanical car washes are usually safe, but older ones with large twirling motorized brushes may remove or damage your clings.

Life-Span: They will last longer, up to 2 years, if your vehicle is parked in a garage when not driving. If parked outside in the sun every day, figure on 6 months to 1 year, before the clear film begins to yellow.

Reuse & Removal: Only Magnetic Signs & Ribbons can be used over and over without deterioration. Static Clings can be removed and reused once or twice, before the static charge weakens. Adhesive stickers and cut-vinyl decals are attached with adhesive and cannot be reused. They can be scraped off with some soapy water and the gentle motion of a soft plastic blade.

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